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We work with public and private organisations across the globe. We have access to all sorts of talents and tools to provide you with the exact service you need; nothing more nothing less.

Event Consulting


At the beginning phase when you are planning your event you will be visiting the location and checking out the ins and outs of the venue.

It is crucial to know people that can help you with technical aspects for it all to work. That’s how we can help you. Are you too busy and you can’t go to the location? We will go to check it for you.

We  make a thorough check and let you know what are the possibilities. Once we have that checked we can proceed in arranging everything needed for your event.

Sound Reinforcement


We setup and test the sound required for all type of events. It can be a concert, a conference, a small or medium social gathering or just a small meeting.

You just need to make sure that the audience can hear you well. It’s obvious that you want to be heard well. We take that worry away from you.

RGB·AV will go and do a proper assessment of what type of sound is required for your event and than take it from there to well rounded end result. We use world renowned equipment and brands that will do the trick for our clients.

Video Projection


Video projection today is one of the most used mediums and is a big part of any event. We at RGB·AV use quite a lot of variation of projectors and projection configurations.

In our arsenal of projectors we have projectors for small events and also for larger audiences. RGB·AV has also developed its own Xpress System that we use to make wide screen panorama projections, blending and warping images if needed and with endless amount of possibilities of changes in realtime, which will leave your audience in awe when they see the show.

If you contact us and give us enough time to research & design together, we will deliver a show that will be amazing to experience. You will be very positively surprised!

Lighting Techniques


It is almost a common practice that clients tend to forget Lighting when they are preparing their event. This happens mostly because you rely on the common lighting of the room where you are at.

Lighting is an important part of your event, it can set the mood of your event and your Presenter will look better on camera or picture, your audience can see them better too during a presentation.

So don’t just go for ambient light. Our lighting technicians will accentuate all these important aspects for you using state of the art lighting equipment.

Full Service Event Lighting
Enhance the environments your audiences encounter

Video Lighting
Flawless video wash lighting for recording

Environment Lighting
Turn an average venue into an exciting environment

3D Lighting Visualization
Utilizing the latest in 3D animation software and hardware


Just as when you go to see a play like “Mamma Mia” or “The Cats”, you will encounter that the backgound of each scene helps in telling the story. The same rules applied to your event.

We use all type of materials to make this happen. We can even print your event or company logo on the sets if you need to make your brand stand out during the show.

Sets are not only the background, but also the screens that we use to project on. Sometimes the whole set is a screen or the whole screen is a set.

There are many strategic ways that we can apply for you. Even when you have a powerpoint presentation you can use a set or a backdrop to help bring over the message.

Don’t worry, we will help you pin it down.

Video Production


A number of things come to mind when trying to explain video production. Motion pictures begins with the capturing of a feed, an act, a discussion or a presentation. Pretty much everything on YouTube has been filmed or captured and recorded.

RGB·AV does that with a number of devices in a number of format that you prefer. Nowadays we work mostly with HD as a standard and we’ve added 4K resolution to get those best detail possible.

We have a great Camera crew and we also have our robotic friends. They also capture in HD format and we control them from our techtable.

You want it all recorded, no problem and we give it to you all on a USB Stick or a portable Hard Drive. You want us to edit it for you, we’ll do it with pleasure :-)

HD Video Production
True broadcast quality HD video production packages

Digital Hard Disk Recording
Capture your events in brilliant digital HD for editing and archiving purposes

Video Streaming


We do offer videostreaming services. The aim is always to reach an even broader audience that you have in person or maybe have online on the other side of the world.

The question is always, how and if it’s possible for the amount of persons you are planning to have as viewers. We can guarantee this only after establishing that the location has a good and stable internet connection, with a guaranteed amount of bandwidth required.

Remember that you can also get your streaming session recorded, but you need to let us know. Very useful for when you want to place it on your own secured website or network for viewers that want to see the content on a later date or for repositioning in future media.


Signage Services is here to stay. We’ve been testing and troubleshooting for some time now and are finally proud to offer these services. Contact us and we’ll come by to do a site inspection and make you a proposal and you will see how quickly ,once installed,  how this solution will bring a world of improvement to your business.

Simultaneous Translation


Hey, it seems like you have participants or people flying in from all over the world to attend your conference, but these people don’t speak the native language in which your event is being held.

No worries, you get us to offer you the solution for letting these people being able to understand everything.

We can supply you with Translation Cabins, Infrared Transmitters to transmit the languages being translated directly to the headphones. (Remember your audience to always give them back after use.)

Let’s not forget the translators, we have contact with translators that translate the most common languages around this part of the globe, but sometimes we don’t have for those rare languages. How about Swahili, well that’s a rare one. In this case we ask you to keep that in mind, so we can arrange it for you.

Audience Response System

This service is mostly being used for conferences, meetings, seminars, team-building sessions, entertainment and TV, public consultation and participatory budgeting, market research, surveys and trainings.

If you want a reliable service and a quick response during your sessions you can count on us.

Disc Jockeys


It’s time to party. We have something to celebrate. Let’s do the mambo :-) RGB·AV knows that a crowd wants to get it going when they are hiring us for a DJ session.

We need to talk to you and ask you your desires. Are you getting married? Are you throwing a Masquerade party or do you simply want to feel like you just stepped in to a Discotheque listening to the latest hits.

We offer some pretty cool packages for every budget and they come with all the Bells and Whistles accordingly.

Video Conferencing

Very handy for companies that need to meet each other but simply can’t be in person. Or everyone in the conference only need to spend 2 hours during the session and after that needs to continue to work at the place where they are or you need to close a deal overseas but need to discuss it before with your counter partner.

RGB·AV know the ins and outs to do it for you and it doesn’t need to be that expensive either.

We use new solutions so that you don’t need to start thinking in booking a ticket in going there in person. Keep in mind whether the meeting was at 8 AM GMT or 8 AM EST. Mmm let’s check…

Post Production

Many of our crewmembers can help you on this journey since they come from the broadcasting world.

This is usually a long process and will require proper planning and arrangements. Depending on the urgency of the production we will schedule accordingly.

Audio Production

This is something that we do, but only after you have consulted us and giving us plenty of time to work on it and it will be classified as a project.

Recording obviously is also not a problem. Here creation is key!

Fixed Installation

Whenever you are planning in setting up a Home Cinema or Multiple Display for your Pub, Casino, Museum or just want to have all your system integrated in your boardroom or hide it all after use, we can offer you some really cool solutions.

Do you have a large window and you want to have them faded so that no one can see inside and project on them and after that unfaded?

Send us an email and we will tell you more about it.

Hostess Services

We supply host to guide and assist  your delegates through out the event and also handy as timekeepers and give badges and help collecting participation peripherals.

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